Almanac (The Nadas album)

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The Nadas Almanac.jpg
Studio album by The Nadas
Released 2010
Genre Folk Rock
Length 46:18
Label Authentic Records (2010)
Producer Jon Locker/The Sonic Factory
The Nadas chronology
The Ghosts Inside These Halls
(2008)The Ghosts Inside These Halls2008

Almanac is the seventh album by the Des Moines, IA band The Nadas. Each song was written, recorded, and released one month at a time during the year 2009. The process of creating each song was also streamed on the band's website.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Bitter Love" 3:11
2. "Long Goodbye" 3:06
3. "Wrecking Ball" 4:05
4. "Call Me" 4:47
5. "Last to Know" 3:55
6. "Heart That Sound" 3:15
7. "Dodged a Bullet" 3:48
8. "Crystal Clear" 3:15
9. "All I Want Is You" 3:01
10. "Parachute" 4:31
11. "Drink It 'Til It's Gone" 3:53
12. "New Year's Eve" 5:24