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MacLife February 2007 Cover.jpg
MacLife #1, cover dated February 2007
Editor Chris Hoffman [1]
Categories Macintosh computing
Frequency monthly
Circulation 120,000
First issue September 1996 (as MacAddict)
February 2007 (as MacLife)
Company Future US
Country United States
Language English
ISSN 1935-4010

MacLife (stylized as Mac|Life) is an American monthly magazine published by Future US. It focuses on the Macintosh personal computer and related products, including the iPod and iPhone. Between September 1996 and February 2007, the magazine was known as MacAddict (ISSN 1088-548X). In Germany, MacLife is published by "Falkemedia" from Kiel (ISSN 1860-9988).


Cover of the January 2001 issue of MacAddict (Issue #53)

MacLife is one of two successor magazines to the defunct CD-ROM Today. First published in 1993 by Imagine Publishing (now Future US), CD-ROM Today was targeted at both Windows and Macintosh users, and each issue shipped with a CD-ROM of shareware and demo programs. In August 1996, CD-ROM Today ceased publication, with two magazines taking its place: MacAddict for Macintosh users, and boot (now Maximum PC) for Windows users.[2]

As was the case with CD-ROM Today, MacAddict's discs included shareware and demo programs, but also came with other added features, such as staff videos and previews of content inside the magazine's hard copy. The MacAddict website was updated daily with news relevant to Apple products. MacAddict also had a mascot, a stick-figure named Max. By 1998, MacAddict surpassed Macworld as the Macintosh magazine with the highest consumer newsstand spending due to its $7.99 cover price.[3]

In February 2007, MacAddict was relaunched as MacLife.[4][5] The new magazine is physically larger than the old magazine and was focused on the creativity of Mac users, and no longer comes with a CD-ROM.

Current editorial line-up for the magazine and website include: Jon Phillips, editorial director; Robin Dick, art director; Susie Ochs, senior editor; Nic Vargus, associate editor; and Florence Ion, online editor.

Reviewing system[edit]

From 1996 to mid-2002, there were four rating icons, which depicted Max. There was "Blech" (the lowest), "Yeah, Whatever" (a mediocre product), "Spiffy" (a solid yet not perfect product), and "Freakin' Awesome" (the highest). From 2002 to 2009, it was replaced by a more conventional five-point system. Then, in 2010, MacLife created a 10-point system that included half stars.


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