Almasbei Kchach

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Almasbei Kchach
Secretary of the Security Council of Abkhazia
In office
6 June 2003 – 17 February 2005
President Vladislav Ardzinba
Preceded by Astamur Tarba
Succeeded by Stanislav Lakoba
Minister of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia
In office
1 November 2001 – 8 May 2003
President Vladislav Ardzinba
Prime Minister Anri Jergenia
Gennadi Gagulia
Preceded by Zurab Agumava
Succeeded by Abesalom Beia
Minister of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia
In office
2 June 1996 – 2 July 2001
President Vladislav Ardzinba
Prime Minister Gennadi Gagulia
Sergei Bagapsh
Viacheslav Tsugba
Preceded by Givi Agrba
Succeeded by Zurab Agumava
Personal details
Died (2012-04-17)17 April 2012

Almasbei Kchach (died 17 April 2012) was a former government member and vice-presidential candidate from Abkhazia who committed suicide when investigators came to arrest him in connection with an assassination attempt on President Alexander Ankvab.[1]

Political career under President Ardzinba[edit]

On 2 June 1996, President Vladislav Ardzinba appointed Almasbei Kchach to succeed Givi Agrba as interior minister. Kchach had up until that point been head of Ardzinba's own security office.[2] He remained in that position until 2 July 2001, when he was replaced by Supreme Court Judge Zurab Agumava.[3] However, Kchach again became interior minister on 1 November after Agumava was appointed to head the State Security Service.[4][5]

On 8 May 2003, after the appointment of Raul Khajimba as prime minister, Kchach was again replaced as interior minister, by Abesalom Beia.[6] On 6 June, he was appointed Secretary of the Security Council,[7] succeeding Astamur Tarba who had been made Vice-Premier.[8] Kchach stayed on in this position until the end of Ardzinba's presidency in 2005.[1]

Member of the opposition[edit]

After Sergei Bagapsh succeeded Vladislav Ardzinba as president in 2005, Almasbei Kchach joined the new opposition and unsuccessfully participated in a number of elections. In the 2007 parliamentary elections, he made it to the second round of the election in the eighth constituency (Pitsunda), but narrowly lost the run-off with 1195 to 1263 votes.[9] In the 2009 presidential election Kchach ran as vice presidential candidate under businessman Beslan Butba. The pair came in fourth place with 8.25% of the vote share.[1][10] Kchach again tried to win constituency number eight in the 2012 parliamentary elections, but failed to pass the first round, achieving a 24.90% third place.[11]


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