Almere Muziekwijk railway station

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Almere Muziekwijk
Almere muziekwijk.jpg
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°22′3″N 5°11′25″E / 52.36750°N 5.19028°E / 52.36750; 5.19028Coordinates: 52°22′3″N 5°11′25″E / 52.36750°N 5.19028°E / 52.36750; 5.19028
Line(s) Weesp–Lelystad railway
Other information
Station code Almm
Opened 30 May 1987
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 4300
2x/hour'; Weekdays rush hours only
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 4300
2x/hour; Not on weekdays rush hours
NS Sprinter 4600
toward Zwolle
NS Sprinter 4900
Almere Muziekwijk is located in Randstad
Almere Muziekwijk
Almere Muziekwijk
Location within Randstad

Almere Muziekwijk is a railway station which lies in Almere, in the Netherlands. It is located approximately 20 km southeast of Amsterdam. It is on the Weesp–Lelystad railway. The station is on the newest polder in the Netherlands, the Flevopolder which is in the region Flevoland. The station was opened in 1987 when the line Weesp - Lelystad Centrum was built. In 1987 Almere Centrum and Almere Buiten stations also opened before the Almere Buiten - Lelystad section was completed in 1988.

Almere has become a commuter city for Amsterdam. The first house was built in 1976 and on 7 July 2008, it was recorded that there were 184 405 citizens living in Almere. The station lies in the centre of the 'Muziekwijk' the Music Estate.

Train services[edit]

Almere Muziekwijk is served by the following services:

  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Hoofddorp - Schiphol - Duivendrecht - Almere Oostvaarders
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Amsterdam - Weesp - Almere - Lelystad - Zwolle
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Utrecht - Hilversum - Almere Oostvaarders

Bus services[edit]

  • 4 Almere Centrum - Muziekwijk - Literatuurwijk - Homerus - Almere Poort
  • 7 Sallandsekant - Tussen de Vaarten - Station Parkwijk - Filmwijk - Station Centrum - Muziekwijk Noord - Station Muziekwijk
  • 14 Almere Centrum - Muziekwijk - Literatuurwijk - Almere Poort
  • 215 Almere Buiten - Almere Stad - Muiden - Amstelveen - Schiphol Oost
  • N13 Station Centrum -> 't Oor -> Haven -> 't Oor -> Gooisekant -> Station Muziekwijk -> Muziekwijk Noord -> Station Centrum

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