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Gender: Male
Origin: Turkish
Meaning: Stouthearted, Brave, Chivalrous, Daredevil, Valorous, Gallant
Related Names: Alp, Alparslan, Alpay

Alper is a rare masculine Turkish given name. It is composed of the two words alp and er. In Turkish, "Alp" means "Stouthearted", "Brave", "Chivalrous", "Daredevil", "Valorous", and/or "Gallant". The second, er means soldier or male. Additionally Alper is used as an adjective for an ancient legendary Turkish commander; Alp Er Tunga who lived around 300 B.C.

From the same Asian cultural roots, Alper is closely related to name 勇士 (Japanese yuushi, Chinese yǒngshì) derived 勇 = Alp and 士 = Er words.

Given name[edit]