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AlphaVille Pictures Copenhagen is a film production company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded by director Christoffer Boe and producer Tine Grew Pfeiffer in 2003 and since then it has mainly released Boe's subsequent films. The company is named after the 1965 Godard film Alphaville.[1]


Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen was founded 2003 by film director Christoffer Boe and producer Tine Grew Pfeiffer following Boe's debut feature film, Reconstruction, which was produced by Pfeiffer, at that time working for Nordisk Film.

The first release by new company was the feature film Allegro wjich was directed by Boe and co-written by Boe and Mikael Wulf. Also Boe's subsequebt films have been produced by AlphavillePictures. Birgitte Stærmose's documentary Out of Love was produced in 2009.[2]



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