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Origin Montevideo, Uruguay
Genres Heavy metal
Years active 1985 - 1999
Labels Orfeo
Perro Andaluz
Associated acts Rata Blanca
Members Charly D. Lopez
Gustavo Rea
Gustavo "Tycho" Artigas
Leonardo Lamela
Jorge Villar
Past members Clemente "Bhilo" López
Christian Dehll
Rodrigo Gomez
Tony Aversa

Alvacast was a heavy metal band formed in Uruguay in 1985. They were one of the most influential bands of the thrash metal scene in South America,[1] in the 1980s, alongside bands such as Pentagram, Massakre and Volcano. The band moved to Canada later in their career and recorded in English.


Beginning in Uruguay[edit]

The band was formed in 1985 by original members Charly D. Lopez (vocals), Gustavo Rea (bass), Gustavo "Tycho" Artigas (guitar), Clement "Bhilo" Lopez (guitar), and Jorge Villar (drums). The five musicians commenced playing in Montevideo, as well as the surrounding areas, gradually amassing a following that expressed a keen interest in the band's new musical output.

In 1986, Alvacast recorded their first demo, "Campos de sangre", containing the song "Fields of Blood", and performed at the Montevideo Rock Festival. The following year the band signed to the Orfeo record label and recorded their first album, Al Borde del Abismo, onto the vinyl medium,[2] subsequently performing the full-length recording before a sold-out Odeon Theatre in Montevideo. Alvacast then traveled throughout Uruguay in support of their debut album and consequently secured a prominent position in the country's rock music scene of the time.[3] Later in 1987, Alvacast featured in the Argentinian show, "Rock de Primera" (including Charly García, RIFF, La Torre and others on the bill), held in Buenos Aires, and then played at the Rock Theatre in November with Kamikaze (Argentina).

During 1988, the band consolidated its lineup, with Clement "Bhilo" Lopez leaving the group in 1988 and Leonardo Lamela (guitar) joining it. It was also at this time that music industry press from around the world displayed an interest in the band itself, as well as its music, with European magazines running articles on the band's activities. Alvacast toured heavily in 1988, performing at Montevideo Rock II and playing smaller club shows in Buenos Aires throughout the year. Support for the live shows came from Dr. Jekyll, Retrosatan, and Hermética, among others. In December 1988, Alvacast traveled to Chile to perform two shows in the capital, Santiago de Chile: one was at the Estadio Manuel Plaza, where audiences were disappointed by the show's technical aspects; and a second, more spectacular show was held at the Chile Stadium before more than 4,000 people, leading to high levels of subsequent press coverage .[citation needed]

In 1989, Alvacast recorded their second album Inocente... Hasta que se Demuestre lo Contrario, also under Orfeo. The popular reception of the band in Argentina led to the Radio Tripoli label overseeing the Argentinian release of the group's second album, with a subsequent expansion into Chile and Venezuela, where the first album was also locally released. In Argentina, Alvacast played with Rata Blanca, Lethal and Jaf Alakran at the Halley nightclub, and in 1990 became the first Uruguayan group to complete a "sold-out" performance at the Estadio Obras Sanitarias[4][better source needed]in Buenos Aires.[3]

Relocation to Canada[edit]

After exploring English-language recording, as well as a limited number of releases in the United States, Alvacast relocated to Canada in 1992.[5] Initially, only Carlos had moved to Canada, and quickly joined local heavy metal band Boize during the fall and winter of 1992. However the other members quickly joined him and reformed the band. Debuting at Montreal's Station 10, the band proceeded to work through the challenges of their new environment and eventually performed in small pubs as they adjusted. During this time, a collection of tapes recorded in Montevideo entitled Alvacast para Coleccionistas ("Alvacast For Collectors") is released by Chien Andalou.

The following year they released their fourth album in Uruguay, "Black Testaments", edited by Sondor. Alvacast remains active until the end of '94. Are dissolved and reunited twice, one of them even a momentary departure of original vocalist Charly Lopez.

The Farewell[edit]

In 1999, Alvacast made his last "farewell shows" in Canada and Uruguay at the end of that year. Montreal was in the Jailhouse Rock Cafe on November 21. In Montevideo, Uruguay and the final farewell last show of the band was at The Factory in front of 1,000 people with friends Chopper group (band) on December 29, 1999 closing a life cycle of these five great musicians.

Currently three of the five members of Alvacast are living in Montreal, Canada, the other two, one living in Spain and one in Alberta, Canada.[citation needed]


  • Al borde del abismo (1987)
  • Inocente... Hasta que se demuestre lo contrario (1989)
  • Para coleccionistas (1992)
  • Black Testaments (1994)


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