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Al-watan (Arabic: الوطن), meaning homeland, heimat, country, or nation, may refer to:


Al-Watan means 'national' in Arabic and in Persian (وطن), the articles titles on Wikipedia for political parties are sometimes translated as 'national', sometimes as 'al-watan', 'al-watani' or 'watani'. Wataniyya may also refer to State-based ('patriotic') nationalism (see Egyptian nationalism), as opposed to Qawmiyya, ethnic-based Arab nationalism



It is commonly used as the name of Arabic-language newspapers, as well as newspapers in other languages that have borrowed the word:


Other uses[edit]

  • Watan (film), a 1938 Indian film
  • Watan Group, a telecommunications and security company in Afghanistan
  • Pader Watan, a military unit in the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Watan Order, the highest national order of Turkmenistan
  • Watan, a historical land allotment in India owned by a Watandar
  • Ardulfurataini, national anthem of Iraq from 1981 to 2003