Amager Bakke

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Amager Bakke
Amager Bakke is located in Denmark
Amager Bakke
Location of Amager Bakke in Denmark
Country Denmark
Location Amager, in Copenhagen
Coordinates 55°41′4″N 12°37′12″E / 55.68444°N 12.62000°E / 55.68444; 12.62000Coordinates: 55°41′4″N 12°37′12″E / 55.68444°N 12.62000°E / 55.68444; 12.62000
Status Under construction
Construction began 2013
Commission date estimated 2017
Construction cost $670 million
Owner(s) Amager Ressourcecenter
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Municipal solid waste
Cogeneration? 190 MW
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 57 MW

Amager Bakke (Amager Hill) also known as Amager Slope is a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant under construction in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The plant is estimated to cost $670 million, is scheduled for construction to be completed in 2017,[1] and is expected to burn 400,000 tons of municipal solid waste annually. It was designed by Bjarke Ingels with a 85 m tall sloped roof that doubles as a ski slope.[2][3] Technically, it is designed to change between operating modes, producing 0-63 MW electricity and 157-247 MW district heating, depending on the local heat demand and power price. It produces more clean water than it uses.

A special feature of this facility will be that the chimney is intended to not emit its exhaust continuously, but instead in the form of smoke rings.


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