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Amakinite is a semi transparent yellow-green hydroxide mineral belonging to the brucite group that was discovered in 1962. Its chemical formula is written as (Fe2+,Mg)(OH)2. It usually occurs in the form of splotchy, anhedral crystals forming within a group or structure in other minerals or rocks. Its composition is as follows:

  • Magnesium 5.82% Mg 9.66% MgO
  • Manganese 6.58% Mn 8.50% MnO
  • Iron 46.84% Fe 60.26% FeO
  • Hydrogen 2.42% H 21.58% H2O
  • Oxygen 38.34% O

Amakinite is slightly magnetic and was named for the Amakin Expedition, which prospected the Yakutain diamond deposits.