Amal International School

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Amal International School
Havelock City, Sri Lanka, 001.jpg
The AIS basketball court, with the Havelock Project in the background.
Sri Lanka
Coordinates 06°53′03″N 79°52′10″E / 6.88417°N 79.86944°E / 6.88417; 79.86944
Motto "Enter to Learn Depart to Serve"
Established January 1991[citation needed]
Principal Mr. Mohamed Shazuli
Language English
Color(s) Green and Gold
Affiliation Islamic

Amal International School (also called and abbreviated as A.I.S.), is a popular upper middle-class International School in Sri Lanka. Founded in January 1991,[citation needed] it was first launched as a social service project to develop and expand local English-medium studies. AIS is attended by approximately a thousand students for classes ranging from Preschool to Advanced Level. It is now one of the vast cluster of schools located in the Havelock Town region of Colombo, the commercial capital of the country.


The school is located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, next to the Kirulapana Canal which flows south-west to the Wellawatta shoreline at a distance of nearly 1,600 m (5,200 ft) from the school. Amal also has a direct view of the current construction of the Havelock Project, which is one of the largest and most expensive apartment complexes in Asia. Amal international school is in Dharmarama road, Off Havelock Road, Colombo - 06 (Welawatte)

Studies and Annual Events[edit]

AIS currently follows the Local-Curriculum, which is a subject-formatting set by the Ministry of Education that is now being followed by the majority of schools of Sri Lanka. Just like its neighbouring schools, AIS hold annual extracurricular such as:

The annual Aquatic Meet is normally held as a different event when compared to the Sports Meet, although it is held relatively at the same period. And unlike the Sports Meet, Aquatic Meets are held about once in two years or less often. Field-trips and touring activities were held at an unusually low rate when compared to other schools, at an average of about once in three years. But this significantly improved when the government declared victory over the Sri Lankan Civil War in May 2009.


- Amal International School is one of the most active-participating schools in basketball, compared to most other schools in the country. After securing titles such as All-Island B-Division Basketball Champions and Champions of Western Province Basketball, the school ranked within the top 10 basketball-playing schools in Sri Lanka. All basketball teams are coached by Gerald Jacob, a popular nation-recognized coach in Sri Lanka, Gerald is also the Sports Coordinator of the school.

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