Amanhã É Tarde

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Amanhã É Tarde
Fellini Amanhã É Tarde.jpg
Studio album by Fellini
Released March 4, 2002
Recorded March/August 2001
Genre Samba rock, bossa nova, MPB, alternative, indie
Label Midsummer Madness
Producer Rodrigo Lariú
Fellini chronology
Amor Louco
(1990)Amor Louco1990
Amanhã É Tarde
Você Nem Imagina
(2010)Você Nem Imagina2010
Cadão Volpato chronology
Amor Louco
(1990) Amor Louco1990
Amanhã É Tarde
(2002) Amanhã É Tarde2002
Funziona Senza Vapore
(2002) Funziona Senza Vapore2002

Amanhã É Tarde (Portuguese for Tomorrow's Too Late) is the fifth studio album by Brazilian band Fellini. It was released in March 4, 2002 by independent carioca label Midsummer Madness. It is their first album of new material since 1990's Amor Louco. Although it is labeled as a Fellini album, it doesn't feature Jair Marcos and Ricardo Salvagni; as it happened in their 1986 album Fellini Só Vive 2 Vezes, it only features Cadão Volpato and Thomas Pappon.

The album's style is a mix between Fellini Só Vive 2 Vezes and Amor Louco: the instrumentation is minimalist, as in 2 Vezes, but light-hearted, varied and reminiscent of MPB, as in Amor Louco — the track "Besouro" even features a berimbau.[1]

It is their last studio album, but not their last release; this would be the 2010 compilation Você Nem Imagina.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Cadão Volpato; all music composed by Thomas Pappon.

No. Title English title Length
1. "Polichinelo" Pulcinella 3:56
2. "As Peles" The Furs 5:44
3. "Amanhã É Tarde" Tomorrow's Too Late 3:26
4. "Gravado no Rio" Recorded at Rio 4:16
5. "Greve" Strike 4:18
6. "Ventre Livre" Free Womb 3:47
7. "O Quarto" The Room 6:24
8. "Besouro" Beetle 3:58
9. "Retrato" Portrait 4:29
10. "Jardim Secreto" Secret Garden 1:53
11. "Contas" Bills 4:38
12. "Longe" Faraway 2:51
13. "Canção" Song 5:04


  • Cadão Volpato — lead vocals (on all tracks, except 9), backing vocals (on track 9)
  • Thomas Pappon — all instruments, backing vocals, lead vocals (on track 9)
Miscellaneous staff
  • Recorded in 4 channels in Pellatt Road Studio, London, from March to August 2001.
  • It contains samples of Jacks Wu, Esther & Abi Ofarim, The Ipanemas, Elizeth Cardoso and Ahmed Abdul-Malik, with all due respect and admiration
  • Karla Pappon and Cadão Volpato — photography
  • Renato Yada — cover
  • Signore Volpato — drawing
  • Marcos VRS — mastering
  • Rodrigo Lariú — production


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