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General information
Owner Aman Resorts

Amanpulo is an island resort on Pamalican Island in Palawan, Philippines. It is owned by 7 Seas Resort, Inc., and Aman Resorts. The resort is majority-owned by the (the Philippine Constitution does not allow 100% foreign ownership of businesses in the Philippines). The name Amanpulo came from Aman which is Sanskrit for peace and pulo means island in Tagalog. The twinning of the two words result in the coining of "Amanpulo" or "peace island" in reference to the tranquil island of Pamalican.

Access to the resort from Manila is through Ninoy Aquino International Airport where private charter airlines operate. The resort is serviced by Island Aviation of the Soriano group. Private charter airline may however provide flight to the island through its private airstrip.

The resort has villas and casitas for visitors, each with its own buggy for travel on the island.

In November 2006, pursuant to Proclamation no. 1179, the resort was declared a special tourism economic zone by the president at the time, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.[1]


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