Amatzia, Israel

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Hebrew transcription(s)
 • standard Amatzya
 • official Amazya
A house in Amatzia built in the 1950s
A house in Amatzia built in the 1950s
Amatzia is located in Israel
Coordinates: 31°31′57.35″N 34°54′48.96″E / 31.5325972°N 34.9136000°E / 31.5325972; 34.9136000Coordinates: 31°31′57.35″N 34°54′48.96″E / 31.5325972°N 34.9136000°E / 31.5325972; 34.9136000
District Southern
Council Lakhish
Affiliation Mishkei Herut Beitar
Founded 1955
Population (2015) 569[1]
Name meaning Named for Amaziah of Judah
Caravan village near Amatzia where evacuees of Katif have been living since 2005. The permanent settlement will be located nearby.

Amatzia (Hebrew: אֲמַצְיָה‎) is a moshav in south-central Israel. Located around 8 km southeast of Lakhish, it falls under the jurisdiction of Lakhish Regional Council. The population is a mix of religious and secular Israelis, and was 569 in 2015.[1]


The moshav was founded in 1955, and is located on the land of the depopulated Arab village of Al-Dawayima, the scene of the 1948 Al-Dawayima massacre.[2]

It was named for King Amaziah of Judah, who, according to the Book of Kings, was killed in the Lakhish region. In the past the community was a moshav shitufi but it has undergone a process of privatization and abandoned its communal nature.

In 2006, temporary housing was built in the area of the moshav to absorb evacuees from Katif who lived in Gush Katif but were evacuated under Israel's unilateral disengagement plan.


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