Bnei Dekalim

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Bnei Dekalim

בני דקלים
Bnei Dekalim is located in Ashkelon region of Israel
Bnei Dekalim
Bnei Dekalim
Bnei Dekalim is located in Israel
Bnei Dekalim
Bnei Dekalim
Coordinates: 31°34′04″N 34°55′02″E / 31.56778°N 34.91722°E / 31.56778; 34.91722Coordinates: 31°34′04″N 34°55′02″E / 31.56778°N 34.91722°E / 31.56778; 34.91722
Country Israel
Founded byFormer Jewish settlers of Neve Dekalim

Bnei Dekalim (Hebrew: בני דקלים‎, lit. Sons of Dekalim) is a community settlement in southern Israel. It falls under the jurisdiction of Lakhish Regional Council and had a population of 1,016 in 2018.


The village was established by former residents of Neve Dekalim after they were evacuated from the Gaza Strip.[2] A cornerstone laying ceremony was held in 2009, and in 2011, the construction of streets and infrastructure and the division of lots was completed. The first families to inhabit the town arrived in 2013, and initially resided mobile homes. The first permanent homes were occupied shortly thereafter.

Today, the town has about 180 families, with more still in the process of building their homes, and ultimate plans for 500 families living in four neighborhoods. There are two schools, one for boys and one for girls, a clinic, and a synagogue that is currently under construction.


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