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Ambar La Fox (born Amanda Lasausse in 1935 in Buenos Aires, died December 8, 1993), was an Argentine actress, dancer, singer and Diva. In 1977, she starred in the theatre show “Chicago” with Nelida Lobato. She also was known as a film actress, and for musical shows on television.

Her daughter Reina Reech has inherited her artistic natural vocation (also from her father the acrobat “Alejandro Maurin”). Reina is currently part of the cast of several movies, television and theatre shows.

Most of her filming career was in adult-oriented comedies, acting opposite Alberto Olmedo, Jorge Porcel.

Ambar La Fox movies[edit]

Comedy films
Villa Cariño está que arde 1968 The Villa of Love is on Fire
Orden de matar 1965 Order to Kill
Cuidado con las colas 1964 Watch Your Back
Buenas noches, Buenos Aires 1964 Good Night, Buenos Aires
Disloque en Mar del Plata 1964 Going Crazy in the Silver Sea
Las mujeres los prefieren tontos 1964 Women Prefer Stupid Men
Dr. Cándido Pérez, señoras 1962 Dr. Candido Perez for Ladies

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