Amber Leaf

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Amber Leaf
Amber Leaft 10g with free Rolling Papers.jpg
Box with Papers & Filter Tips 12.5g
Product typeRolling tobacco
OwnerJack Byrne

Amber Leaf is a brand of rolling tobacco. It is a product of the Gallagher Group division of Japan Tobacco. As of May 2016, Amber Leaf tobacco is available in 30g boxes which include papers and filters, 30g pouches with rolling papers and 50g pouches with rolling papers.. In 2011 and in recent years promotional Amber Leaf tobacco tins were sold with the tobacco in some stores in the UK and Ireland.

Amber Leaf rolling tobacco is most popular among 16 to 35-year-olds in Japan, USA, Ireland and the United Kingdom. [1]


In 2012 Amber leaf released "Amber leaf blonde" in the UK. Amber leaf blonde was made to provide adult smokers with a smoother taste by using a premium quality Virginian blend of tobacco. Although sold as 30g the papers and packaging are what makes it to 30g, if the actual tobacco is weighed it will be well under. According to the head of JTI's communication’s (Jeremy Blackburn) “Unlike traditional RYO tobacco, the blend of which is typically dark in colour, Blonde uses a pale coloured Virginia blend to provide a smooth taste. It’ll not only appeal to existing adult RYO smokers, but also the growing number of existing adult dual smokers looking for an RYO product to switch to.”[2]