Amber Settle

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Amber Settle
Alma materUniversity of Chicago
Known forWork in the field of computer science
Scientific career
FieldsComputer science education
InstitutionsDePaul University

Amber Settle is an American computer scientist and professor of education and theory in the department of Computer Science at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. She is known for her work in computer science education and her continuing service and leadership in Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE). She is currently serving as the elected chair of ACM SIGCSE,[1] the premier international organization for computer science educators serving over 2700 members from more than 60 countries.[2] Before being elected Chair, she served on the SIGCSE Board for six years, during which she acted as Treasurer for three.

She is known for her work on computational thinking and education.[3] In 2015, she received the DePaul School of Computing Spirit of Inquiry Award for her work on Computational Thinking across the Curriculum.[4] In 2011, she was awarded the ACM Women Senior Member Award for her leadership, technical, and professional accomplishments.[5]

Selected publications[edit]

  • 2016. Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of the Impact of Pre-College Computing Activities on Choices of Major, ACM Transactions on Computing Education, 2016.[6]
  • 2014. Linda Mannila, Valentina Dagiene, Barbara Demo, Natasa Grgurina, Claudio Mirolo, Lennart Rolandsson, Amber Settle, Computational thinking in K-9 education, Proceedings of the working group reports of the 2014 on innovation & technology in computer science education conference, Pages 1-29, ACM, 2014.[7]
  • 2002. Settle, Amber, and Janos Simon. Smaller solutions for the firing squad. Theoretical Computer Science 276.1-2 (2002): 83-109.[8]

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