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The American Chicle Company was a chewing gum trust founded by Edward E. Beeman and Jonathan Primle.[1]


Two women operating gum-wrapping machine at the American Chicle Company Plant in Brooklyn, New York, 1923

It was incorporated in Trenton, New Jersey, on June 2, 1899.[1] Its market capitalization was $9,000,000 with one third issued as preferred stock and 6% with cumulative dividends. The business was composed of the chewing gum concerns in Brooklyn, New York (Adams Sons & Company); Cleveland, Ohio (W. J. White & Sons); Chicago, Illinois (J. P. Primley); Louisville, Kentucky (Kis-Me Gum Company); and Toronto, Ontario (S. T. Britten & Co.).[2] The corporation operated factories and gum forests in Yucatan.[3]

American Chicle utilized Dancer Fitzgerald Sample in 1950 to promote its products via radio, newspapers, and television.[4] American Chicle was acquired by the pharmaceutical company Warner-Lambert in 1962; Warner-Lambert was acquired by Pfizer in 2000.

The American Chicle Company was renamed Adams in 1997; it is currently owned by Cadbury, who purchased Pfizer's candy brands in 2003. The unit is now known as Cadbury Adams. Many of American Chicle's brands are out of production.


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