American Gothic (2007 film)

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American Gothic
Directed by David Wexler
Produced by David Wexler
Written by David Wexler
Release date
  • 2007 (2007)
Country United States
Language English

American Gothic is a 2007 drama-fantasy film written and directed by David Wexler. The film follows the lives of three vampires trying to get by in modern-day New York City.

American Gothic was an official selection of the 2007 Rome International Film Festival.[1]


Valerie, exhausted and parched, has a moment of respite from a chaotic 24 hours dealing with her extended family. Her 'alone time' is fractured by a police detective, Vincent, who feels he might have one hell of a case on his hands. His suspect; twenty something, attractive, covered in blood, protecting a nondescript package, sits in his interrogation room, unwilling to divulge information pertinent to the case at hand. Vincent bribes her into talking after revealing that Valerie’s 'friend' Triston is locked up in an adjoining cell. 'If you help me, tell me what I need to know, then I'll help you.'


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