American Harmony

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American Harmony
American Harmony Movie Poster.jpg
The greatest singing competition you've never heard of...
Directed by Aengus James
Produced by Aengus James
Colin Miller
Written by Aengus James
Starring Max Q, OC Times, Vocal Spectrum, Reveille, Joe Connelly
Edited by Kate Amend
Distributed by Abramorama (Theatrical), Breaking Glass Pictures (DVD/VOD)
Release date
  • February 14, 2009 (2009-02-14) (BIFF)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

American Harmony is a 2009 documentary film directed and produced by Aengus James, produced by Colin Miller, and edited by Kate Amend.

American Harmony, the documentary, was initially screened at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2008 International Convention in Nashville. The film is a tribute to the human musical spirit as practiced in the barbershop genre. It was in production for more than three years and was edited by Kate Amend, the editor of two Oscar-winning documentaries.

American Harmony was filmed by James and his camera crews during the Society’s 2005, 2006 and 2007 International conventions and is interspersed with footage and other graphic elements provided by the Barbershop Harmony Society.


American Harmony provides an in-depth look at the amazingly rich subculture of a true American art form. It follows the lives of some of the biggest names to emerge from international competition in the Society’s history, as well as providing interviews with many rank-and-file members, referred to as “Joe Barbershoppers.” The film features four prominent Barbershop Society quartets: OC Times, Max Q, Vocal Spectrum, and Reveille – over a span of years, on stage and at home, in their personal quests for international recognition.

"The film is a mixture of obsession, singing, zany comedy and nail-biting competition", according to writer/director, Aengus James.


The film was theatrically released in April, 2009, and eventually made its way to 30 markets during 2009/2010. There is a Google pin map showing the markets where the film had a theatrical release.

DVD release[edit]

The DVD was made available in June 2010 through Abramorama, and re-released in September 2011 through Breaking Glass Pictures.

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