American Heritage School (American Fork, Utah)

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American Heritage School (
185 e 400 n
American Fork, Utah 84667
United States
Coordinates 40°23′32″N 111°46′05″W / 40.39222°N 111.76806°W / 40.39222; -111.76806Coordinates: 40°23′32″N 111°46′05″W / 40.39222°N 111.76806°W / 40.39222; -111.76806
School type Private, [K-12]
Grades K - 12
Enrollment ~730 students

American Heritage School and Family Education Center (American Heritage Schools, Inc., also known as American Heritage or AHS) is an accredited[1] private school serving grades K - 12,[2] and distance education program[3] located in American Fork, Utah. AHC serves approximately 1,100 students in grades K-12 on-campus and approximately 1,000 students participating in distance education and homeschool courses offered by the school's Family Education Center.

Incorporated in 1970, American Heritage School is a non-profit organization rooted in principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.[4] The school's vision is to help families and children worldwide to maximize their divine potential. In 2009, the school completed a $5 million building expansion to provide for capacity to offer high school grades as well as to accommodate growth in elementary and middle school grades. American Heritage School then launched their accredited, worldwide Home and Distance Education program called Latter-day Learning in the Fall of 2010, which serves families in all 50 states and approximately 40 countries around the world. In addition to its nearly 800 on-campus students, American Heritage also enrolls approximately 300 students in award-winning after-school orchestra and choir programs that are open to the community.


American Heritage was founded by parents who had children enrolled at various local schools, including the BYU Training School when it closed in 1968. It was legally incorporated in 1970 with approximately 70[citation needed] students at the time.[5] Not legally affiliated with Brigham Young University or the LDS Church.

Family Education Center[edit]

American Heritage School also operates the Family Education Center (FEC), the community outreach arm of American Heritage School. The FEC supports the school's motto "Educating Hearts and Minds for Latter-day Families" by providing resources and programs for parents as they strive to become Christian teachers and learners in the home. The Family Education Center is responsible for the AHS Home and Distance Education programs, including The Family School curriculum and the Latter-day Learning Network, which were developed by American Heritage for LDS-oriented home schools.

Principles: American Heritage School mission is to educate the minds, the hearts, and the bodies of students in order that they may; be useful in the hands of the Lord in building the kingdom of God on earth, and to develop a love, understanding, and appreciation of America and the founding fathers.

Sister schools[edit]

American Heritage School has granted permission for the use of the name "American Heritage" by other "sister" schools, including "American Heritage Academy of Las Vegas," and "American Heritage School of South Jordan." While these separate entities are not legally affiliated with American Heritage Schools, Inc., and are not administered or directed by American Heritage School, they have modeled their schools' mission statements and curricula after that of American Heritage School.


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