American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association

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American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association
Sport Motorcycle racing
Jurisdiction USA
Abbreviation AHRMA
Founded 1984
Headquarters Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Official website

The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) is a vintage motorcycle racing origination that puts on mostly motorcross races, but also holds road racing, dirt flat track, and trials events. The AHRMA was formed in 1984 as a private business. In 1989 it was reorganized as a member owned non profit organization.

During the 70s and 80s groups of riders began emerging around the nation organizing vintage motorcycle racing events. This started primarily with vintage roadracing clubs who were then joined by motocross, trials, dirt track and concours enthusiasts. Two of the most prominent of these organizations were the California Vintage Racing Group and in the southeast, the Historic Racing Association. It was decided that vintage motorcycle racing was now large enough to require a national organization the coordinate events, so in 1986 AHRMA was formed as a private-held business corporation, bringing together other groups in the first few years and becoming a non profit organization in 1989.[better source needed][1][2]

AHRMA Vintage Roadracing[edit]

AHRMA National Roadracing competition has classes for models from the 1920s all the way through 1990's, and with the recent addition of several modern classes that are run in the spirit of the classics, such as the Triumph Thruxton class, open two-stroke class and Battle of the Twins, there's something for everyone. AHRMA run events at Roebling Road Raceway, NOLA Motorsports Park, Willow Springs, Sonoma Raceway, Road America, Grattan Raceway, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Miller Motorsports Park, Barber Motorsports Park and Daytona International Speedway.[3][4]

Year 500 Premier 500 Grand Prix 350 Grand Prix 250 Grand Prix 200 Grand Prix Plus Formula 750
2013[5] Tim Joyce Alex McLean David Roper Jack Parker Jack Parker John Ellis
2014[6] Ron Melton Alex McLean David Roper Paul Germain Dennis Poneleit John Ellis
2015 Tim Joyce Alex McLean David Roper Jack Parker Ron Mousouris Brian Filo
Year Formula 500 Formula 250 Formula 125 Formula Vintage Class C Handshift Class C Footshift
2013 David Crussell (UK) David Pierce Louis LeBlanc Dennis Parrish David Bourbeau Alex McLean
2014 Ricky Pearson David Pierce Carl Anderson Courtney Allaert David Bourbeau Alex McLean
2015 Ricky Pearson Mike Lipscomb Louis LeBranc Dennis Parrish Ralph Wessell Alex McLean
Year Pre-40 Grand Prix Classic Sixties Classic Sixties 650 Sportsman 750 Sportsman 500 Sportsman 350
2013 Alex McLean Alex McLean Gary Swan Jeff Hargis Andrew Mauk Scott Turner
2014 Alex McLean Alex McLean Luke Conner Jeff Hargis Brad Phillips Michael Mathews
2015 Alex McLean Alex McLean Greg Tomlinson Michael Dixon Stephen Hipp Stephen Hipp
Year Nov Historic Prod Heavyweight Nov Historic Prod Lightweight BEARS Sidecar F1 Sidecar F2 Sidecar Vintage
2013 Mitch Hamler Todd Ruprecht Ivan Messina Chris Wood Giorgina Gottlieb Dale Lavender
2014 Ben Schmitt John Miller Rich Heritage Bernard Juchli Heidi Neidhoefer Laurence Campbell
2015 William Kunst Bill Howard Rich Heritage Bernard Juchli Wade Boyd
Year Vint S/bike Heavyweight Vint S/bike Middleweight Vint S/bike Lightweight Next Gen Superbike Battle of Twins F1 Battle of Twins F2
2013 Joe Weir Paul Germain John Rickard Mark Hatten Pat Mooney (UK) Brad Phillips
2014 Arthur Kowitz Paul Germain Craig Breckon Christopher Boy Christopher Boy Brad Phillips
2015 Andrew Cowell Paul Germain Pete Homan Christopher Boy Michael Eaton
Year Battle of Twins F3 Battle of Twins Open 2Stroke Thruxton Trans Challenge Sound of Singles 1 Sound of Singles 2 Sound of Singles 3
2013 Robert Scudder Michael Perry Jerrett Martin Steve Liberatore Karsten Illg Alex McLean
2014 Xen Stanhope Ray Smith Jerrett Martin Brian Herzfeldt Charles Miller Gary DiPietro
2015 Michael Eaton Michael Blankenship Brian Herzfeldt Steve Madison Steve Thompson
Year Motard Sound of Thunder 1 Open Grand Prix CB160 eGrand Prix eSupersport
2013 Gary DiPietro Pat Mooney (UK) David Crussell (UK)
2014 Gary DiPietro Christopher Boy David Crussell (UK) Lorraine Crussell Shane Turpin Arthur Kowitz
2015 Paul Elledge Pat Mooney (UK)
All riders are US unless noted.

AHRMA Vintage / Post-Vintage Motocross[edit]

Motocross competition is split into two series. Vintage motocross for machines up to 1974 (with a few exceptions allowed to 1976 if the bike didn't change) which is us usually run on the Saturday of events. Classes cater for all age groups through to the 70+ classes. The second is Post-Vintage motocross which is for machines from 1975 through to the mid 80's. This event is usually run on a Sunday as many riders will compete both days on different machines.[7]

Year Premier Open Twins Expert Premier Open Twins Intermediate Premier Open Twins Novice Premier 500 Expert Premier 500 Intermediate Premier 500 Novice
2008 Robert Poole Joseph Augustine Charles Goman George Singler Rik Smits (NED) Debbie Poole
2009 Kelly Shane Dan Beher Charles Gorman Corky Root Jimmy Allison Rick Wolff
2010 Randy Skiver Dan Beher Corky Root Debbie Poole Rick Wolff
2011 Mark Siebert Dan Beher Corky Root Jim Crain Richard Myers
2012 Mark Siebert Dan Beher Charles Gorman Corky Root
2013[5] Beno Rodi Dan Beher Beno Rodi Richard Myers
2014[8] Mark Siebert Dan Beher Tim Bentley Chuck Bullwinkle
Year Premier 350 Expert Premier 350 Intermediate Premier 350 Novice Premier Lightweight Expert Premier Lightweight Intermediate Premier Lightweight Novice
2008 Dempsey Elders Raymond Brandt Rick Wolff
2009 Dempsey Elders Dan Beher Rick Wolff
2010 Randy Skiver David Tripp Rick Wolff
2011 Mike Parker Dan Beher Rick Wolff
2012 Corky Root Neal Siegel Alexander Sohn Jay Crandall
2013 Corky Root Jay Crandall Bubba Dennis Dan Beher Jay Crandall
2014 Joseph Kelly Mike Miller Mike Parker Chuck Bullwinkle Bryan Johnson
Year Classic 500 Expert Classic 500 Intermediate Classic 500 Novice Classic 250 Expert Classic 250 Intermediate Classic 250 Novice
2008 Doug Grant Tom Grimmel Chuck Morris Doug Grant Gregg Ross Chuck Morris
2009 Dan Johns Bill Orth Chuck Morris Dan Johns Johnny Lee Adams Rick Wolff
2010 Randy Skiver Bruce Rounsaville Chuck Morris Doug Grant Bob Shannon David Curtis
2011 James Smith Dwayne Thomas Doug Grant Chuck Morris Rick Wolff
2012 James Smith Earl Puckett Timothy Bentley Chuck Morris Larry Reiter
2013 Jeff Mullins Kenneth Jeter Jay Crandall Bubba Dennis Chuck Morris John Gulliford
2014 Andy Blackburn Kenneth Jeter John Foster Andy Blackburn Taylor Belling Brian Belcher
Year Classic 125 Expert Classic 125 Intermediate Classic 125 Novice Sportsman 500 Expert Sportsman 500 Intermediate Sportsman 500 Novice
2008 Jared Lange Robert Loveless Jared Scott Tom McKinney Paul Wawrynovic David Horre
2009 Marty Wyant Terry Miller David Curtis Dave Smeal Mike Ealer Brad Whitworth
2010 Jared Lange Bruce Rounsaville Dale Fisher Dave Smeal Mark Hosbach Steve Duncan
2011 Jared Lange Jay Wilson Dale Fisher Karl Poindexter Robert Kahn Robert Shough Jr
2012 Wade Woodall Jerry Allison Jr Dale Fisher Brad Cannon Bubba Dennis Randy Woodall
2013 Andy Blackburn Daniel Moye Butch Hoff Brad Cannon Alan Hamilton John Foster
2014 Andy Blackburn Dan Beher John Foster Brad Cannon Robbie Kahn Greg Conn
Year Sportsman 250 Expert Sportsman 250 Intermediate Sportsman 250 Novice Sportsman 125 Expert Sportsman 125 Intermediate Sportsman 125 Novice
2008 Jim Anderson Mark Stahlman Dennis Pollaccia Jim Anderson Curt Lange Dennis Pollaccia
2009 Mark Stahlman Jason Landing Tuck Beveridge Mark Stahlman Derek Martin Stanley Stables
2010 Mark Stahlman Jason Landing Kevin Cleveland Jared Lange Curt Lange
2011 Mark Stahlman Robert Kahn Tuck Beveridge Mark Stahlman Mike Tollett Trey Allison III
2012 Brad Cannon Kevin Cleveland Daniel Moye James Smith Douglas Jenkins Terry Dailey
2013 Brad Cannon Dan Baker Scott Brigham James Smith Louis LeBlanc Terry Larson
2014 Brad Cannon Robbie Kahn Brian Miller Richard Pierce Tony Devino Brian Miller
Year 100cc Motocross Expert 100cc Motocross Intermediate 100cc Motocross Novice Open Age Expert Open Age Intermediate Open Age Novice
2008 Tom Claerhout Jay Wilson Jared Scott Rolf Greenhill Bruce Rounsaville Jim Kalb
2009 James Miller Dennis Pollaccia Michael Collier Jay Gref John Gott Loren Wescott
2010 Fred Guidi Dennis Pollaccia Dale Fisher Bob Speiss Glen Romero Kevin Cleveland
2011 Corky Root Dennis Pollaccia Dale Fisher Glen Romero Kenneth Jeter Mark Waller
2012 Corky Root Trey Allison III Donna Blackburn James Smith Andrew LeBlanc Mark Waller
2013 Corky Root Nicky Trevino Brian Miller Glen Romero Louis LeBlanc Connie Elam-LeBlanc
2014 Tim Borgfield Mike Larson Brian Miller Glen Romero Robbie Kahn
Year 40+ Expert 40+ Intermediate 40+ Novice 50+ Expert 50+ Intermediate 50+ Novice
2008 Jim Anderson Timothy Bonham Randy Wilsoncroft Tom Bellamy Walt Foster Scott Hewitt
2009 Dave Smeal Mike Ealer Thomas Milin Rick Terry Glen Romero Scott Hewitt
2010 Mike Ealer Tom McPeek Henry Sansing Bill Silverthorn Glen Romero Ray Rosinski
2011 Oscar Gaftan Tim Williams Jay Blevins Glen Romero Robert Kahn Tuck Beveridge
2012 Robert Kahn Bob Lee Bubba Dennis George Pawley
2013 Bill Boram Robert Kahn Wesley Bean Rhett Smith Dan Baker Scott Brigham
2014 Wayne Boyd Gary Davis Bryan Johnson Glen Romero Tony Devino John Foster
Year 60+ Expert 60+ Intermediate 60+ Novice 70+ Expert 70+ Intermediate 70+ Novice
2008 George Singler Chuck DeRan John Gulliford George Singler Ralph Porzelt Terry Salsman
2009 Henry Gref Dave Webb William Stodart Corky Root Dennis Thompson Dave Rymal
2010 Bill Silverthorn Dave Webb Chris Emshoff Gary Anderson James Ealer Sr
2011 Wes Willis Keith Boyd Terry Dailey Zahn Lewis Bob Adams
2012 Paul Wawrynovic Keith Boyd Terry Dailey Teddy Landers Bob Adams Richard Light
2013 Wes Willis Keith Boyd John Gulliford Corky Root Charles Matheny Jay Crandall
2014 Henry Gref Steve Foster Dennis Jeffries Henry Gref Max Videto Jay Crandall

Year Women's Expert Women's Intermediate Women's Novice Sportsman Open Twin Expert Sportsman Open Twin Intermediate Sportsman Open Twin Novice
2008 Tami Rice Raven Wilson Amy Cooper Dennis Spence Bob Adams
2009 Bonnie Warch Debbie Poole Amber Cooper Don Dotson Mike Stone
2010 Debbie Poole Rachel Romero Patty Brewington Bill Rainda
2011 Debbie Poole Rachel Romero Patty Brewington Pat Brown Rick Jones
2012 Debbie Poole Connie Elam-LeBlanc Donna Blackburn
2013 Charlene Campbell Connie Elam-LeBlanc Laurie Shelton
2014 Charlene Campbell Rachel Romero Laurie Shelton Herb Wolff
All riders are US unless noted.

AHRMA Dirt Track[edit]

Class C, Brakeless, vintage and Seventies-era classes are all catered for in this form of American Motorcycling that has been around since the early days.[9] . America is the main country in which this sport is practiced, with the only racing anything like it being Speedway which is mainly raced in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Year Dinosaur Classic 250 Classic 500/750 Sportsman 250 Sportsman 600 Sportsman 750
2009 George Wills Leland Prewitt George Wills Payton Prewitt Frank McLane Charles Southgate Jr
2010 George Wills Carl Forkey Rob McLendon Dan Thompson Van Rayburn
2011 Beno Rodi Douglas Young Dan Beher Peter Desantis David Aldana Roger Veith
2012[10] Beno Rodi Mike Metzler Dan Beher Henry Sansing David Aldana Roger Veith
2013[5] Beno Rodi Doug Young Dan Beher Henry Sansing David Aldana Dan Beher
2014[11] Beno Rodi Mike Metzler Beno Rodi Harry Sansing David Aldana Dan Beher
2015 Beno Rodi Dan Beher Henry Sansing David Aldana Dan Beher
Year Senior Super Senior Seventies Single Seventies 2-Stroke Seventies Singles 50+ Super Singles
2009 Van Rayburn Melvin Brown Nick Taylor Steve Bromley Steve Bromley Ken Davis
2010 Van Rayburn Melvin Brown Nick Taylor John Parker
2011 David Aldana David Aldana David Aldana Henry Sansing David Aldana
2012 David Aldana David Aldana David Aldana Harry Sansing David Aldana
2013 David Aldana David Aldana David Aldana James Mize David Aldana
2014 David Aldana David Aldana David Aldana Harry Sansing David Aldana
2015 David Aldana David Aldana David Aldana Harry Sansing David Aldana
All riders are US unless noted.

AHRMA Observed Trials[edit]

Observed Trials events provide competition on vintage trials machinery produced up to the year 1979. Using the original no-stop rules unlike the stationary balance rules allowed in modern competition and riding on terrain including rock climbs, sand, mud, trees and other natural elements the riders get to test out their skills against both the course and each other. Classes range from Girder Fork Rigid models all the way through the Classic Japanese twin shocks such as the Yamaha TY and Honda RL range.

Year Girder Expert Girder Intermediate Girder Novice Rigid Heavyweight Expert Rigid Heavyweight Intermediate Rigid Heavyweight Novice
1996[12] Dick Hedwall Ken Dodge Lynn Boyer
1997[13] Ken Dodge E Richardson
1998[14] Dick Hedwall J Innes Mike Fenner Jamie Jenny Doug Wothke
1999[15] Dick Hedwall Beno Rodi Mike Fenner Bruce Clegg E Richardson
2000[16] Beno Rodi Brad Kennard Dick Hedwall Brad Kennard
2001[17] Beno Rodi Mike Fenner Dick Hedwall
2002[18] Beno Rodi Mike Fenner Dan Vitaletti Dick Hedwall
2003[19] Beno Rodi Mike Fenner Rich Froehlich Earl Burrows
2004[20] Beno Rodi Ray Corlew Earl Burrows
2005[21] Beno Rodi Rich Froehlich Earl Burrows
2006[22] Beno Rodi Warren Kleis Marty Paulson Rich Froehlich
2007[23] Beno Rodi Earl Burrows Mark Eichhorn
2008 Beno Rodi Warren Kleis Allen Rodi Len Sims Rob Strickler
2009[24] Beno Rodi Marty Paulson Rob Strickler
2010[25] Rob Strickler
2011[26] Beno Rodi Rob Strickler
2013[28] Beno Rodi Rob Strickler
2014[29] Beno Rodi Herb Wolff
2015 Beno Rodi Al Wenzel Herb Wolff
Year Rigid Lightweight Expert Rigid Lightweight Intermediate Rigid Lightweight Novice Premier Heavyweight Expert Premier Heavyweight Intermediate Premier Heavyweight Novice
1996 Derek Belvior (UK) Gary Davis Dan Wilson
1997 Matt Hilgenberg Ernie Stair S Martin
1998 M Hilgenberg Ron Winget Beno Rodi
1999 Derek Belvior (UK) Ron Winget Beno Rodi
2000 Derek Belvior (UK) Ron Winget Larry Williamson
2001 Marty Paulson Ron Winget Dale Kuykendall
2002 Derek Belvior (UK) Stephan Meyer Dale Kuykendall
2003 Mike Fenner Ron Winget Dale Kuykendall
2004 Mike Fenner Dan Wilson
2005 Marty Paulson Dan Wilson
2006 Derek Belvior (UK) Ron Winget
2007 Paul Jansen-Olges Dan Wilson
2008 Derek Belvior (UK) Tony Down (UK) Mike Stone
2009 Len Sims Derek Belvior (UK) Don Kelley Mike Stone
2010 Jim Lipscomb David Dewoina (SA) Don Kelley
2011 Graham Foster (UK) Don Kelley
2012 Rob Poole
2013 Tom Stowers Dan Wilson
2014 Rob Poole
2015 Matt Parsons Dan Wilson
Year Premier Lightweight Expert Premier Lightweight Intermediate Premier Lightweight Novice Classic Expert Classic Intermediate Classic Novice
1996 Bob Ginder Jr B Caveney K Baue K Burningham R Baulch L Cowie
1997 Bob Ginder K Baue Randolph Stoike Bob Ginder Robert Borg Keith Wynn
1998 James Smith Dennis Brown Don Kelley Bob Ginder Mike Parsley Keith Wynn
1999 Bob Ginder Dennis Brown Bruce Stevens J Ellis Darrel Boone B Kennard
2000 Bob Ginder Dennis Brown Ray Corlew Curt Comer Jr Bruce Carman Earl Burrows
2001 Bob Ginder Ray Corlew Jim Lipscomb Rick Wolff Dennis Jones Richard Dippold
2002 Bob Ginder Edward Logan Gordon Gray Rick Wolff Gene Waggoner Scott Kirn
2003 Bob Ginder Ed Logan Randall Witt Rick Wolff James Smith Mike Collier
2004 Mike Parsley Don Kelley John Knapp James Smith Bruce Kelley Mike Collier
2005 Mike Parsley Bruce Carman John Knapp Steve Glinski Richard Dippold Danny Messmore
2006 Graham Foster (UK) Bruce Carman John Knapp Gene Waggoner John Hart Rick Woodward
2007 Tony Down (UK) Jeff Smith (UK) John Knapp James Smith John Hart Rick Woodward
2008 Bob Ginder Jeff Smith (UK) Rick Woodward Rick Wolff Hugh Campbell Darrel Boone
2009 Len Sims Fred Martinson John Knapp Tony Down (UK) Dan Straka Leo Stinnett
2010 Hugh Campbell Jeff Smith (UK) John Knapp Gene Waggoner Bob Strohman Roy Haines
2011 Dan Straka Hugh Campbell John Bergener George Kirby Bob Strohman Mike Collier
2012 Dan Straka John Knapp James Smith Darrel Boone
2013 James Holton William Salter Joe Klokkevold Kenny Sykes Mike Collier
2014 James Smith Dennis Simoes
2015 Joe Klokkevold Kenny Sykes Rick Nabers James Bodkin Tyrus Wilson Michael Collier
Year Modern Classic Master Modern Classic Expert Modern Classic Intermediate Modern Classic Novice
1996 M Parsons Mike Hyslop Don Kelley
1997 John Callison Travis Hyslop Richard Yamane
1998 Mike Hyslop Ken Eftink Ryan Davie
1999 Scott Beattie Ryan Davie C Harper
2000 Harry Heilemann David Boydstun John Knapp
2001 Harry Heilemann Bob Carpenter John Knapp
2002 Len Sims James Smith Donna Kelley
2003 Keith Dunlop Fred Martinson Curtis Mitchell
2004 Lane Leavitt James Wipff Donna Kelley
2005 Bob Ginder George Kirby Bruce Masek
2006 Bob Ginder Tony Down (UK) Kirk Tolly
2007 Gene Brown Bob Carpenter Ed Peacock
2008 Mark Sturtevant Fred Martinson Forrest Bault
2009 Mike Buckholz Bill Brokaw John Dowson (UK)
2010 Rick Daniel Fred Martinson Jerry Allison
2011 Ralph Foster Lee Robison Neal Newby
2012 Ralph Foster David McNeil Paul Moore
2013 Ralph Foster Bill Long Walt Foster
2014 Ralph Foster David McNeil Bob Bellicitti
2015 Ralph Foster Walt Foster Todd Stanley Stuart Proffitt
All riders are US unless noted.

AHRMA Cross Country[edit]

In the spirit of the ISDT type events and Hare Scrambles of old, AHRMA Cross Country events provide a closed course event reminiscent of what is probably the oldest form of motorcycle sport. Competition is run for both vintage and post-vintage machinery for all skill levels of riders.


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