American House (Boston)

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American House
AmericanHouse Boston byJHBufford LC.jpg
American House, c. 1852
General information
Type Hotel
Location 56 Hanover Street
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Opened 1835
Renovated 1851
Demolished 1935
Technical details
Floor count 6
Floor area 44,000 sq ft (4,100 m2)
Design and construction
Architect William Washburn (renovation)

The American House (est,1835) was a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, located on Hanover Street. Abraham W. Brigham,[4] Lewis Rice (1837-1874),[5][6][7] Henry B. Rice (1868-1888),[8][9] and Allen E. Jones (c. 1921) served as proprietors.[10] In 1851 the building was expanded.[11] In 1868 it had "the first hotel passenger elevator in Boston."[12] By the 1860s it also had "billiard halls, telegraph office, and cafe."[13] In the late nineteenth century it was described as "the headquarters of the shoe-and-leather trade" in the city.[14] Guests of the hotel and restaurant included John Brown,[15][16] Ralph Waldo Emerson,[17] William Whitwell Greenough,[18] Charles Savage Homer,[19] Zadoc Long,[20] and George Presbury Rowell.[21] Many groups held meetings there, among them: Granite Cutters' International Association of America,[22] Letter Carriers' Association,[23] National Electric Light Association,[24] and New England Shorthand Reporters' Association.[25] The hotel closed in 1916, and re-opened under new management in 1918.[1] It permanently closed on August 8, 1935,[26] and the building was shortly afterwards demolished to make room for a parking lot.[27][28][29] The John F. Kennedy Federal Building now occupies the site.[30]


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