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Amirali Ghasemi (Persian: امیر علی قاسمی ;born 20 August 1980 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian graphic designer, media artist, and curator.[1] He is most famous as the founder and director of Parkingallery, an independent art space in Tehran[2] and introducing a new generation of Iranian visual artists to independent curating.[3]

Life and Education[edit]

Ghasemi was born in 1980 in a family with some cultural standing; his parents and grandparents were involved in journalism and social communication.[2] In 1998 he started his studies in graphic design at Azad University in Tehran.[4] from which he graduated in 2004.[2] His final dissertion was on the history of digital art.[citation needed]


In 1998, Ghassemi converted his parents' garage into an art studio which over the years transformed to "a workshop space, then a gallery, with turns as a catwalk, lecture hall, and screening space" forming an "energetic hub" in Tehran's art scene.[3] In 2002, an online presence for the gallery was established at as a platform to showcase the works of young Iranian contemporary artists.[2][5]


Besides ongoing projects and video installation and works on interactive media in production[citation needed], he is currently working as the art director and curator of parkingallery and He also writes about Tehran art scene and contemporary Iranian art on his blog.

Works, projects, and contributions[edit]

Ghasemi has shown his photography, video, and design works in various festivals and exhibitions internationally.[6] One of his most famous series of work, The Party Scenes Series, has been described as "intimate, real-life" depiction of party culture and social life in private lives of Iranian youth.[7][8]

As a curator, he has directed various exhibition projects for Parkingallery among which four annual editions (2007–2013) of Limited Access Festival for Video and Performance are of note.[9] He also has been a guest lecturer at various art institutions such as Berlin University of the Arts, Konstfack-Stockholm, Malmo Academy of Arts, and Independent Curators International.[9]

In 2003, he was selected to contribute to the "International Art Blog Project" by The Centre of Attention in London.[10] and in 2005, he contributed to The Guardian's Imagine Art After project.

He also has directed audiovisual projects with Iranian rock bands, such as Meera, D.N.A., and 127.[citation needed]


  • The fifth "Tokoha CG Art Exhibition" for "Portrait of Forough", Jan. 2002, Tokoha Art Museum, Tokoha, Japan;[11]
  • The second prize of web and multimedia section for the design of the site:, at the 7th Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers, March 2002;[citation needed]
  • The Jury's special award from 2005 Taiwan International Poster Design Award;[citation needed]
  • Icograda Excellence Award 9th Tehran International Poster Biennial, 2007;[citation needed]
  • Excellence award, 6th Seoul triennial of Asia graphic poster, South Korea, 2006.[citation needed]

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