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Amon Bazira (1944–1993) was a Pan-Africanist leader and organiser who created an extensive intelligence network that was a clandestine component of the struggle to end the regime of Ugandan military dictator and president, Idi Amin. After helping to remove Idi Amin, Bazira served as Deputy Director of intelligence, and then as Director of Intelligence in Uganda in 1979. He produced a government report predicting that there would be a massive genocide in Rwanda that would lead to the collapse of order in Central and Eastern Africa, and proposed granting citizenship to Rwandan refugees and other displaced Africans in Uganda, as a means of preventing genocidal warfare. In August 1993, Amon Bazira was assassinated in Kenya at Nakuru, allegedly with the complicity of Tiny Rowland, Yoweri Museveni and Daniel arap Moi. Bazira's Pan African ideas and efforts helped in the creation of the African Unification Front, which has advanced the cause of Pan Africanism.

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