Amore amaro

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Amore amaro
Amore amaro.jpg
Directed by Florestano Vancini
Written by Suso Cecchi d'Amico
Florestano Vancini
Starring Lisa Gastoni
Leonard Mann
Music by Armando Trovajoli
Cinematography Dario Di Palma
Edited by Nino Baragli
Language Italian

Amore amaro (internationally released as Bitter Love and Renata) is a 1974 Italian drama film directed by Florestano Vancini.[1] For this film Lisa Gastoni was awarded with a Silver Ribbon for best actress.[2]


The film, set in the Ferrara of the 1930s, tells the story of an impossible love between a young student, Antonio Olivieri (Leonard Mann) and a thirty-five-year-old widow with children, Renata Andreoli (Lisa Gastoni). Indeed the social differences and their irreconcilable political leanings would impede the development of their relationship.



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