San Pa Tong District

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San Pa Tong
Amphoe location in Chiang Mai Province
Amphoe location in Chiang Mai Province
Coordinates: 18°37′43″N 98°53′44″E / 18.62861°N 98.89556°E / 18.62861; 98.89556Coordinates: 18°37′43″N 98°53′44″E / 18.62861°N 98.89556°E / 18.62861; 98.89556
Country  Thailand
Province Chiang Mai
Seat Yu Wa
 • Total 178.18 km2 (68.80 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 75,600
 • Density 431.2/km2 (1,117/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 50120
Geocode 5012

San Pa Tong (Thai: สันป่าตอง) is a district (amphoe) of Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand.


Neighboring districts are (from the southwest clockwise) Doi Lo, Mae Wang, Hang Dong of Chiang Mai Province, Mueang Lamphun and Pa Sang of Lamphun Province.


Originally named Ban Mae, it was renamed to San Pa Tong in 1939.[1]

The remains of an ancient walled town of the Haripunchai Kingdom, Wiang Tha Kan, which was founded approximately 1,000 years ago, lie in the southern part of this district, in tambon Ban Klang.[2]


The district is divided into 11 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 122 villages (muban). There are three subdistrict municipalities (thesaban tambon) - San Pa Tong covers parts of tambon Yu Wa, Makham Luang and Thung Tom; and Ban Klang which covers parts of Ban Klang, Tha Wang Phrao, Makham Luang and Ma Khun Wan. The area of Thung Tom subdistrict not covered by San Pa Thong municipality also forms a subdistrict municipality. There are further 10 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO), covering the non-municipal areas of each subdistrict.

No. Name Thai Villages Inh.[3]
01. Yu Wa ยุหว่า 15 13,361
02. San Klang สันกลาง 09 04,648
03. Tha Wang Phrao ท่าวังพร้าว 07 03,480
04. Makham Luang มะขามหลวง 11 06,539
05. Mae Ka แม่ก๊า 14 07,373
06. Ban Mae บ้านแม 13 06,635
07. Ban Klang บ้านกลาง 11 09,835
08. Thung Satok ทุ่งสะโตก 12 06,398
10. Thung Tom ทุ่งต้อม 11 07,258
14. Nam Bo Luang น้ำบ่อหลวง 11 04,845
15. Makhun Wan มะขุนหวาน 08 05,228

Missing numbers are tambon which now form Mae Wang district.

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