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Amroy Europe Oy is a company that develops and manufactures composite resins, carbon nanoepoxy resins, bioresins and special pastes. It is headquartered in Lahti, Finland.

The main products are Hybtonite, composite resin reinforced with carbon nanotubes (CNT), and Epobiox, liquid epoxy system which is 70% made from natural oils.


The roots of the company are in Nanoscience Center of University of Jyväskylä.[1] In 2004 professor Jorma Virtanen and nanoscientist Pasi Keinänen developed a method to bond carbon nanotubes with resins utilizing strong covalent bonds. This resulted in development of Hybtonite.[2]

Nanolab Systems Oy was established by the researchers. Their main focus area was nano particle synthesis technology and instruments for drug research.[3]

Amroy Europe Oy was established in 2005 as spin-off of Nanolab Systems Oy.

First commercial product using Hybtonite was hockey stick "Nitro" by Montreal Sports Oy. It was voted number one Nano product in the world at the Nanotechnology 2006 show in Tokyo, Japan.

On December 2009, Amroy received Frost & Sullivan European Technology Innovation Award for its work on hybtonite.[4]


Amroy uses carbon nanotubes manufactured by Bayer.[5]

In addition to Amroys own production, Hybtonite is manufactured under license in China.

Hybtonite is used for small size wind turbine blades by Eagle Windpower (Finland), and for large size windmill blades by Evergreen (China) and LM Glassfiber (Denmark).

One of the main application areas for Hybtonite is sports gear. Some examples of the manufacturers are Montreal Sports Oy (hockey sticks), Peltonen Sports (cross-country skis and roller skis),[6] Karhu Sports (baseball bats), Easton (hunting arrows), Entropy Surfboards (surfboards), and Sport Lettmann (kayaks).

In marine applications, Hybtonite is used for laminating and for marine paints. Some of the users are Baltic Yachts and Cathay Yachts.


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