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Amrutanjan is an analgesic balm owned by Amrutanjan Healthcare.[1][2]


Amrutanjan pain balm

Amrutanjan was founded in 1893 by journalist and freedom fighter, Kasinathuni Nageswara Rao.[3] He popularized the balm by Nageswara Rao by distributing it free-of-cost at music concerts. Even today, the words "Bombay" are inscribed along with Amrutanjan on the lid of its most well-known product, the pain balm. In 1936, Amrutanjan became a public limited company with the name Amrutanjan Limited.[4]

Medical uses[edit]


It is used as a balm for headaches.

Holding company[edit]

The brand is owned by the parent Amrutanjan Healthcare. It is now headed by Sambhu Prasad, the grandson of Nageshwara Rao.


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