Amsterdam Island (Spitsbergen)

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Amsterdam Island is located off Spitsbergen's northwestern coast.
17th-century Dutch map of "Amsterdammer Eyland".

Amsterdam Island[1][2][3] (Norwegian: Amsterdamøya) is a small island off the northwest coast of West-Spitsbergen. It is separated from Danes Island by the strait Danskegattet. Total area 16.8 Highest point Hiertabreen 472 m.a.s.l.. Area covered with ice: ca. 11.5 %.


Amsterdam Island was first seen by Willem Barents in 1596. The Dutch first occupied it in 1614 (the year in which it was probably named), building a temporary whaling station on the island's southeastern promontory. In 1619 a semi-permanent station was constructed. It came to be called Smeerenburg (Dutch for "Blubber Town"). The settlement went into decline in the 1640s, and was abandoned sometime before 1660.


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Coordinates: 79°40′N 10°30′E / 79.667°N 10.500°E / 79.667; 10.500