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Nordaustlandet labelled.png
Lågøya in upper left
Location Svalbard, Arctic Ocean
Coordinates 80°10′N 18°00′E / 80.167°N 18.000°E / 80.167; 18.000Coordinates: 80°10′N 18°00′E / 80.167°N 18.000°E / 80.167; 18.000
Area 103.5 km2 (40.0 sq mi)
Highest point 57 m.a.s.l.
Population 0

Lågøya (English: Low Island) is an island in Svalbard, Norway. It is situated north west of Nordaustlandet. The area is 103.5 km². The island has rarely been visited.

Lågøya was first marked on the Muscovy Company’s map (1625) as Purchas plus ultra Island. Cornelis Giles and Outger Rep (c. 1710) labeled it t' Lage eyl. The island was first marked Low Island by William Scoresby (1820).


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