An Answer from the Silence

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An Answer from the Silence
Author Max Frisch
Original title Antwort aus der Stille
Translator Mike Mitchell
Country Germany
Language German
Publisher Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 130

An Answer from the Silence: A Story from the Mountains (German: Antwort aus der Stille: Eine Erzählung aus den Bergen) is a 1937 novel by the Swiss writer Max Frisch. It tells the story of a young man who escapes to the Swiss Alps ten days before his wedding.


The book was reviewed in Publishers Weekly in 2011: "Infused with a post-WWI despair at the human condition, Frisch (1911-1991) refused this early piece's inclusion in his collected works in the 1970s, having burned the original manuscript in the woods in 1937. It seems a pity that this earnest and unusual book, in a crisp translation by Mitchell, has been denied us until now."[1]

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