An Evil Shade of Grey

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An Evil Shade of Grey
Cemetary - An Evil Shade of Gray.jpg
Studio album by Cemetary
Released 1992
Recorded Feb-Mar 1992,
Sunlight Studio
Genre Death metal
Length 36:00
Label Black Mark Production
Producer Mathias Lodmalm,
Thomas Skogsberg
Cemetary chronology
An Evil Shade of Grey
Godless Beauty

An Evil Shade of Grey is the debut album by Swedish gothic metal band Cemetary, released in 1992 on Black Mark Production.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dead Red"
  2. "Where the Rivers of Madness Stream"
  3. "Dark Illusions"
  4. "An Evil Shade of Grey"
  5. "Sidereal Passing"
  6. "Scars"
  7. "Nightmare Lake"
  8. "Souldrain"