An Inconvenient Penguin

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An Inconvenient Penguin
Directed by Todd Lampe
Produced by Precipice Productions
Starring Lance Reifschneider
Rasika Mathur
Jenny Mollen
Eric Matikosh
Release date
August 11, 2008 (2008-08-11)
Running time
20 minutes

An Inconvenient Penguin is a short film, released online in Amazon's UnBox store on August 11, 2008. The film is a spoof of An Inconvenient Truth and March of the Penguins. It was produced by Precipice Productions and stars Lance Reifschneider, Rasika Mathur, Jenny Mollen, and Eric Matikosh.


Penguins are invading the shores of California causing overcrowding, excessive warmth and increasing crabbiness in general. Senator Al Gore warns us of the impending doom and what we can do to change the threat.


  • Lance Reifschneider as Senator Algore
  • Eric Matikosh as Burnell Wallerstadt
  • Jenny Mollen as Dr. Gootentag
  • Rasika Mathur as Dr. Sumi
  • Frank Walton as Eddie
  • Catherine Lamb as Penny the Penguin
  • Monica Thomas as Dawn
  • Andrea Zepeda as Angelica
  • Lisa Wardell as Cayenne
  • Brianna Haynes as Sage
  • Markiece Palmer as Elston
  • Minh Nguyen as Muriko
  • Eddie Walton as Atticus
  • Original Score by Austin Haynes
  • "Waddle We Do" performed by JAYLA

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