Anand Narain Mulla

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Anand Narain Mulla
Born October 1901
Died 12 June 1997
Era 20th Century
Region India
Anand Narain Mulla Autograph.jpg

Anand Narain Mulla (October 1901–12 June 1997)[1] was a prominent Urdu poet of India.

Anand Narain Mulla was born at Lucknow in October 1901 and educated at Government Jubilee High School and College there.[2] He won the Sahitya Akademi award in Urdu in 1964 for his poetry, specifically the book Meri Hadis-e-Umr-e-Gurezan. His first collection of poems, Ju-yi shir, published in 1949, was followed by Hans cog and Bamhina bol.[3] He was also a recipient of the Iqbal Samman, a literary award, when aged 92.[4]

His father, Jagat Narain Mulla, was a leading advocate and government prosecutor.[5] Anand Narain Mulla, a Kashmiri Brahmin,[6] was himself a leading lawyer. In 1954 he became a judge of the Allahabad High Court, which he remained until 1961.[7] After his retirement he practiced law as Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India.[citation needed]

Mulla was a member of the 4th Lok Sabha (1967–1970), elected as an Independent candidate from the Lucknow constituency. He was later elected as a Rajya Sabha member (1972–1978) as a nominee of the governing Indian National Congress party.[8]

Mulla died in New Delhi on 12 June 1997, aged 96 years.[2]


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M..R. Venkatesh (born 18 June 1972) is an Indian poet, humorist, naturalist, and writer of books for children.



M.R. Venkatesh first collection of poetry, Reflection, was published in 2002. It was reviewed in New Delhi based National newspaper, National Herald. His second collection Poems of Nature, was published in 2004 was reviewed in International Journals.

Poetry titles

  • Reflection(2002)
  • Poems of Nature(2004)

Children's titles