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Ananthasagar is a village in Medak mandal of Medak district in the Indian state of Telangana. This village has a population of 79 and has 16 households within it.

The nearest town would be Medak, which is still seven kilometers away.

The climate of Ananthasagar includes May being the warmest on average month and December being the coldest. In May it averages around 34.5 degrees Celsius and in December it averages around 23.4 degrees Celsius. The overall climate of Ananthasagar is tropical. The rain is heavier in the summer months than it is in the winter months. [1]

There are a few temples in Anathasagar. Some of which being Shri Maha Renuka Ellamma Devi Devasthanam and a few others are located in or near this village.


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