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Anatoly Babko (15 October 1905 in Sudzhenskoye, Tomsk Governorate – 7 January 1968) was a famous Ukrainian chemist, specializing in analytical chemistry and in the chemistry of complex compounds. Babko was a student of Professor N. Tananaev; Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic (since 1957), Honoured Science Worker of the Ukrainian SSR (since 1966). In 1939 he organized the research department at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Ukrainian SSR, and he managed it to the end of his life. Babko's main works are devoted to the physical chemistry of complex compounds and their use in analytical chemistry as well as photometric and fluorescence methods of analysis.[1]
In 1943 he was appointed to a professorship, in 1944 became the Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Kiev.[2] He published more than 450 scientific works and 9 books that were translated into several languages.