And Then We Met Impero

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And Then We Met Impero
And Then We Met Impero.jpg
EP by Meganoidi
Released 2005
Genre Math rock, Progressive rock, Alternative rock
Length 25:27
Label Green Fog Records
Meganoidi chronology
Outside the Loop, Stupendo Sensation
And Then We Met Impero

And Then We Met Impero is the name of the second EP of the Italian alternative rock band Meganoidi.[1]

On this record, for the first time, the band deviates significantly from the preceding ska-core sounds, to arrive at Math rock and Progressive rock that will keep well in the following records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. And - 2:16
  2. Then - 7:58
  3. We - 5:13
  4. Met - 1:55
  5. Impero - 8:05


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