Andalé Sans

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Andalé Sans
Category Sans-serif
Classification Humanist
Designer(s) Steve Matteson
Foundry Monotype Imaging, Inc.
Date created 1995

Andalé Sans (usually appearing as Andale Sans) is a proportional sans-serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson to complement its monospaced counterpart, Andalé Mono.[1]


Andalé Sans is used in the high-end, non-smartphone devices produced by Sony Ericsson (usually under the metadata name "Sans-Serif Europe" or "Universal").[citation needed]

A variant of this typeface, Andalé Sans UI, was used in the user interface of older versions of the StarOffice and (until version 2.0) suites.[2]

A Unicode version, Ascender Uni, comprising more than 50,000 glyphs is also available from Ascender Corporation.

Andalé Sans and Andalé Sans UI were bundled with StarOffice 7, which can be still obtained on mirror sites.

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