Andalé Sans

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Andalé Sans
Category Sans-serif
Designer(s) Steve Matteson
Foundry Monotype Imaging, Inc.
Date created 1995

Andalé Sans (usually appearing as Andale Sans) is a proportional sans-serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson to complement its monospaced counterpart, Andalé Mono.[1]


Andalé Sans is used in the high-end, non-smartphone devices produced by Sony Ericsson (usually under the metadata name "Sans-Serif Europe" or "Universal").[citation needed]

A variant of this typeface, Andalé Sans UI, was used in the user interface of older versions of the StarOffice and (until version 2.0) suites.[2]

A Unicode version, Ascender Uni, comprising more than 50,000 glyphs is also available from Ascender Corporation.

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