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Andecha Obrera was a terrorist organization of Asturian nationalistic ideology, at the moment inactivate, that during the decade of the 1980s used explosive devices in to support labor struggles, as in the cases of the offices of the INEM, or related to the naval conflict.

Documented actions[edit]

  • In February 1983, there was an attack on the Banco Hispano Americano in Gijón.
  • Months later, the May 10, 1983, they placed devices in two banking branches of Gijón, making a call to the National Radio of Spain in Asturias. The first device exploded in the branch of the American Hispanic Bank, heavily damaging the bank. Ten minutes later, decontamination teams of the Civil Guard deactivated another device composed of a kilogram of rubber placed in the main entrance of the Bank Blacksmith. The explosives were in response to labor conflicts involving these companies.[1]
  • November 30, 1983, the group committed an attack against the Club of Regatas de Gijón, which they claimed in a call two days later to the newspaper Voice of Asturias. The newspaper published the attack from Navarre on December 2.
  • May 1, 1985, the group renewed its symbolic actions by planting a minor explosive in the commercial premises of Coca-Cola in the industrial estate of Tremañes, Gijón.[2]
  • The dawn of September 22, 1985, a moderately powerful device was exploded in the area of the Job's Office (INEM) of Gijón, near firework makers of the Civil Guard.[3]