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Chairman of Stop Islamisation of Denmark Anders Gravers Pedersen (left)

Anders Gravers Pedersen is a Danish anti-Islam activist. He is the chairman and founder of Stop the Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD) and leader of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE).[1] He has also been part of the transatlantic connections between SIOE and Stop Islamization of America.[2][verification needed]



In March 2012, Gravers Pedersen participated in staging a rally and arranging an anti-Islamic conference along with the English Defence League in Århus.[1] Two years earlier, in 2010, he was allegedly assaulted at a rally in Aalborg.[3] In 2008 SIAD and Gravers Pedersen in the capacity of leading SIOE were each sentenced to pay fines of DKK 10,000 for violating a court order against using Kurt Westergaard's Muhammad cartoons at a rally.[4][5]

Contesting elections[edit]

Gravers Pedersen attempted to run for a seat in the Danish parliament, Folketinget, in 2012[6] and in 2009.[7] He contested municipal elections in Aalborg in 2005 and gained 383 votes and the group Stop the Islamisation of Denmark[da] received a total of 1172 votes. This represented less than 1% of the votes cast in the election.[8] At the 2007 Danish Parliamentary Election Pedersen stood in Jutland and gained 73 votes.[9]


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