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Anders Juhaninpoika Nevalainen, Russian gold- and silversmith, Fabergé workmaster of Finnish origin. Born in Pielisjärvi, Finland in 1858. Apprentice in Finland and in St. Petersburg in 1874, goldworker in 1875, master goldsmith in 1885. In 1884 married Maria Karolina Liljerot. One of their five children was Avrid, who was a clockmaster. As master first working in the jewelry atelier of August Holmström, and soon became as head of workshop under exclusive contract with Fabergé. His workshop made silver-mounted frames in birchwood, palisander or lacquer, silver- and gold cigarette-cases, enameled silver-gilt cases with leather sleeves, several small silver-gilt objects. His initials A.N, mostly used with K.Fabergé mark without the double-headed eagle Imperial Warrant. The family returned to Finland after the Russian Revolution in 1917. Died in Terijoki in 1933.


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