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Andersnatten 01.jpg
Andersnatten as painted by Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914)
Highest point
Elevation 733 m (2,405 ft)
Coordinates 60°7′1.38″N 9°25′9.65″E / 60.1170500°N 9.4193472°E / 60.1170500; 9.4193472Coordinates: 60°7′1.38″N 9°25′9.65″E / 60.1170500°N 9.4193472°E / 60.1170500; 9.4193472
Location Sigdal, Buskerud, Norway
Topo map 1715 III Eggedal

Andersnatten is a mountain located in Eggedal in the municipality of Sigdal in Buskerud, Norway. Andersnatten is a distinctive, round-topped mountain that rises out of the valley floor. Andersnatten was featured in painting by both Theodor Kittelsen and Christian Skredsvig.

The southeast wall is popular among climbers, both summer and winter. The first route was established in 1942 by mountaineer Einar Hoff Hansen (1923 - 1944) together with businessman, mountaineer and resistance fighter, Egmont Victor Boeck Nørregaard. [1]


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