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André Lassagne (23 April 1911 - 3 April 1953) was a member of the French resistance during World War II. The secretary general of "L'Armée Secrète" (AS), he was arrested (along with Jean Moulin) on June 21, 1943 in Caluire-et-Cuire (Rhône). After the war he became Senator for Rhone and was awarded the Legion d'Honneur.

Before the war[edit]


Lassagne was born in Lyon, France.

Teaching and Military Careers[edit]



Concentration Camps[edit]

After the war[edit]


  • Légion d'honneur
  • Quai André Lassagne
  • College André Lassagne
  • Rue André Lassagne


Feuillets Clandestins De Fresnes - (8 Juillet 1943-16 Février 1944)

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