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Andrew J Fisher
Residence London
Nationality British
Known for Nanophysics and Quantum Physics research
Awards Maxwell Prize

Andrew James Fisher is Professor of Physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University College London. His team is part of the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics group, and based in the London Centre for Nanotechnology (a joint venture between UCL and Imperial College, London).[1]


His research area is in understanding the behaviour of electrons in nanostructures. Predicting the behaviour of electrons using quantum mechanics theory, to compare with experimental data. Current funded project topics include:[2][3]

  • Quantum de-coherence and computation in condensed-phase systems
  • Electrons in atomic-scale quantum wires
  • Formation of molecules on interstellar dust grains
  • Theory of scanning tunnelling microscopy in liquids
  • Development of techniques to study coherent inelastic transport
  • Organic molecules on semiconductor surfaces


Education and Career[edit]

He was educated at Abingdon School from 1976 until 1983 before going to Clare College, Cambridge.[4] Fisher lectured at UCL from October 1995. Previously he lectured at Durham University (1993–1995).

He was a Junior Research Fellow at St John's College Oxford, working in the Clarendon Laboratory of the Oxford Physics Department (1989–1993). During this period he spent a year at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (1991–1992).

Personal life[edit]

Fisher is a violinist and is married to Alison Smart, a classical singer. He has two sons, Thomas and Hugh.[5]


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