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Andrew Perry Allgood (1816–1882), was born an industrial on November 23, 1816 in Laurens County, South Carolina. In 1837, Allgood family moved to northwestern part of Georgia. He is a father of six adults. He married Mary Marsh, who is Spencer Marsh daughter and his partner with the mill in Trion ga.[1]


The town of Trion, Georgia, which is in Chattooga County, Georgia got its name from the factory built there. The first cotton mill was in northwestern GA. On October 12, 1845 the mill was built and named by its three founders for their partnership. Andrew Allgood, Spencer Marsh, and Col. Briers built the mill. Since the mill and the town had a trio of founders both were given the name Trion. In 1858 Allgood's mill was used as a hospital for the community during an outbreak of typhoid fever . In 1861-1865 The factory was used by Sherman's troops during the civil war. Allgood employees provided clothing for the confederate soldiers. The mill was destroyed by Sherman's invading soldiers. After the war the mill was rebuilt by Andrew and his partners. The mill was also later on burned down again on April 10, 1875. When the mill burned Mr. Allgood and some of his men marked trees that would be cut for beams in the new mill. When the mill was rebuilt the mill was named Mt. Vernon Mills Incorporated. The mill is the largest indigo denim plant. The Allgood family operated the mill from 1845-1912. Then the B.D Riegel family operated the mill from 1912-1987. The R.B family finally purchased the mill in 1987. The rebuilding of the mill took a lot out of Andrew and his health began to decline. Andrew soon resigned as president of Trion Manufacturing Company. Andrew left his business to his only son Deforest. The mill grew when Deforest took over. On September 8, 1882 Allgood died in Trion Ga. In Trion, there is an Allgood Monument and church dedicated to him.



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