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Andrew Thomas Gage (14 December 1871 – 21 January 1945) was a Scottish Botanist and Surgeon in the Indian Medical Service. He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and died in Strathpeffer, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland.

Works (selected)[edit]

  • 1901: A Botanical Tour in the South Lushai Hills
  • 1901: On the anatomy of the roots of Phoenix paludosa Roxb.
  • 1903: A Census of the Indian Polygonums
  • 1904: The Vegetation of the District of Minbu in Upper Burma
  • 1912: Catalogue of Non-herbaceous Phanerogams Cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta
  • 1916: Letters to Nathaniel Wallich, 1819-1821
  • 1918: Report on the extension of Cinchona cultivation in India
  • 1922: Euphorbiaceae novae e Peninsula Malayana
  • 1938: A History of the Linnean Society of London


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