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His Grace Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre.jpg
Installed14 November 1999
Other postsMember of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church
ConsecrationConsecrated by Pope Shenouda III
Personal details
Birth nameAnba Angaelos[1]
Cairo, Egypt[3]
DenominationOriental Orthodoxy
ResidenceUnited Kingdom

Bishop Anba Angaelos was consecrated in 1999 as a General Bishop (a rank between auxiliary bishop and chorbishop) in the United Kingdom of the Coptic Orthodox Church,[1] the church of Egypt founded, according to its tradition, by Mark the Apostle around 55 AD and the largest Christian denomination in the Middle East. He was born in Cairo, Egypt and emigrated with his family to Australia; he spent his childhood and early life there, obtained his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in political science, philosophy and sociology, and went on to postgraduate studies in law whilst working in the same field. He returned to Egypt in 1990 to join the Monastery of Saint Bishoy in Wadi-El-Natroun, where he was subsequently consecrated a monk by Pope Shenouda III. He served as Papal secretary until 1995, and was then delegated by the Pope to serve as a parish priest in the United Kingdom.[3] His nationality is recorded as British at Companies House.[2]

In the 2015 Queen's Birthday Honours, Angaelos was awarded an OBE for services to international religious freedom.[4]

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