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Anglican Church, Bucharest

The Anglican Church of the Resurrection is a church located in central Bucharest, Romania, near Grădina Icoanei, at the intersection of Xenopol street and Arthur Verona street. The church is built with red bricks and it has English language service every Sunday between 10 and 11 AM, a small English fiction library and a Sunday School.[1]


The land over which the church was built was given by the Commune of Bucharest to the British Crown in December 1900, the erection of the building being finished in 1914, but the interiors (with furnishings from England) were finished only after World War I. The first service was held in 1920, being dedicated on November 5, 1922 by the Bishop of Gibraltar.[2]

During World War II, the church was closed, being taken care by a church guardian and cleaner who was paid by the Swiss Embassy. It was reopened only on Christmas Day 1944, with the help of Royal Navy and American military staff. After the communists seized power in Romania, there was no permanent chaplain, services being held by visiting priests on a monthly basis. Starting 1966, the church once again had a permanent priest.[2] The current priest is Martin Jacques.[3]


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